As a salesperson, you are faced with many choices throughout your relationship with a client.  What do you wear? How do you respond to a question you have never heard before? Should we move forward together and schedule the next meeting or should we say “Goodbye?”

One of the choices early in a working relationship with a potential client is how and when do you get to the prospect’s front door.

Why would I even mention that?  Because people make judgments about actions that others take.  I think that is called “being human!”  So why not manage the impression you want to create?

When I was an earnest young contractor for whom selling was a necessary nuisance, I would park right in front of the potential client’s house, bound out of the truck and knock on the door.  Makes sense, right?

As I became more aware of one’s ability to manage the potential client’s initial impression of me I made a different choice. I would park a bit away from a potential client's house for the first meeting.  I did this for four reasons.

  1. So he could not make a judgment about what I chose to drive.
  2. To see the neighborhood in a way that one never can when driving.
  3. To break a bit of a small sweat, so that I looked like I needed a glass of water and looked like I was really making an effort to get there on time (FYI: I was usually just a minute or two early, on purpose). 
  4. To leave the prospect wondering, "How did this guy get here?"

The combination, in my opinion, put the prospect a little off balance and left me a little more in control.
To make it more real for you, just look for the choices you think were made by the next salesperson you deal with, and why that person did it. Really good salespeople have a plan.  Have one, and experience more success than you thought possible.