Jeff Talmadge of Talmadge Construction, in Aptos, Calif., created this form, which uses a point system to qualify leads. “It takes the emotional part out of qualifying,” he says, though he admits he's still tempted to chase jobs that will not benefit his company.

Talmadge uses a 5-point scale to score common lead-sheet qualifiers, including age of the home, type of job, and financial information. For example, repeat customers score 5 points, client referrals earn 4 points. For multiple sources, Talmadge chooses the higher score. Whole-house remodels, and kitchen or bath projects also score a 5. Leads that fail to hit the 25-point score minimum are referred to Talmadge Construction's associates, including a handyman service.

When creating a point system, Talmadge advises remodelers to look at their history, noting which jobs were the most enjoyable and profitable. “That's their sweet spot and where they want to be.”