Even though Project Plus Builders, in Princeton, Mass., is receiving a record number of leads, it has been difficult for owner Kyle Dube and his sales manager to convert those leads into sales. Homeowners are curious, but cautious. Some are researching their options to see what they can afford. Others are hoping that the recession will get them a deal on remodeling services.

A few clients who were ready to remodel were unable to get financing, an issue that Dube says he’s never had to deal with before. “No one has much equity left in their homes,” he says.

At the end of last year, Dube began networking, which helped generate some leads. He became a member of the local National Association of the Remodeling Industry chapter and joined Princeton’s chamber of commerce. Networking has also helped him feel less isolated. “When the phone is ringing and you’re running around and then nothing happens, self-doubt creeps in. If it wasn’t for being involved with people and sharing experiences, I’d be going crazy,” Dube says.

—Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.