Did the housing crisis ever end? Turns out most Americans don't think so. One in five Americans says the worst of the housing crisis is still to come, according to a recent poll from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, reports CityLab writer Kriston Capps. The share of those who responded that the worst is yet to come this year (19%) is unchanged from the share who responded the same way in 2015 (20%), 2014 (19%), and 2013 (19%).

Capps explains:

Pessimism about the housing market is not a narrow band, either. Asked about the difference between the start of the housing crisis in 2008 and where things stand today, the largest share of respondents said that we’re still in the thick of the housing crisis (44 percent). A whopping 81 percent of respondents said that housing affordability is a problem. And more than one-third of respondents (37 percent) said that housing affordability is a “very serious problem.” This share of worried Americans is also virtually unchanged from a year ago.

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