Watch the three part video series by sales expert Mark Hunter, "The Sales Hunter", one of the featured speakers at the 2013 Remodeling Leadership Conference.

Part I: Close More Sales by Leveraging Element of Time

How do we get a customer to move forward and go with us now? It's not unusual for a customer to stall on a bid. This is when you leverage the element of time. Use the reality of your tight schedule against the customer's timeframe to have the project done. This creates a sense of urgency in your customer to go with your company instead of risking missing out on your expertise and quality service.

Part II: Use Options, Rather Than Price Reductions, to Close Sales

When attempting to close a hesitant customer, do not be tempted to lower your price to seal the deal. Instead, have various options available that may entice the customer to agree to the bid. Be sure these are options that will increase your margin, even if they lower your cash flow. Be sure any substitution is connected back to what could be a potentially negative impact on something the customer finds important.

Part III: An Easy Way to Demonstrate Confidence and Competence

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate your confidence and competence is to always be reflecting the end project.For example, even in your early meetings with a potential customer, be sure to have several catalogs or plans for the finished remodeling project. Your job is to help the customer envision the completed project, even in the early bid process.