A new analysis of over 50,000 homes from Zillow Diggs found that warm or neutral tones can raise the sale price of a home up to $1,360. Just like with Remodeling's Cost vs. Value study, this information could be exactly what you need to upsell your clients to a new paint job. It's not just kitchens either, as Lauren Shanesy from sister site Builder explains:

A home with bedrooms painted light green or khaki can bring in $1,332 more but will lose $236 with a dark brown bedroom. Purple hues of mauve, eggplant, or lavender in dining rooms will bring in an extra $1,122, but dark gray or slate dining rooms will cause the price to plummet $1,112 below expected value.

Next time you're in a clients home, if you see any of these telltale colors, point them to this study and you could add a new coat of paint to your job. Click on the link below to read Builder's full analysis.

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