Mark Robert Halper

Q: If a company has multiple product lines, should the salesperson be selling all, some, or just one of those products?

A: In a perfect company — with perfect leads, perfect production, and perfect salespeople —you'd have sales-people selling one product. Why? Because they can know that product inside and out. The salesperson who sells multiple lines can rarely present the product in the manner a single-line salesperson can.

Say, for example, that your sales-people are selling siding and kitchens. Odds are if they come up against a kitchen specialist, or a siding specialist, they're going to get creamed. They'll sell, but their closing ratio will be significantly lower selling multi-line products.

I have a friend in full-line remodeling, with about six salespeople. Two sell nothing but guttering. One makes a six-figure income. Now let that salesperson present everything the company sells and I bet you he won't make six figures. I can assure you he wouldn't stop by a house when he sees either no gutters or gutters falling off the roof. —Phil Rea has conducted more than 13,200 in-home sales calls and trained more than 1,750 salespeople. For more information, call (866) 441-7445.