Elite Construction Services, in Santa Cruz, Calif., includes typical kitchen and bath project estimates on its website. The reason why, partner Eric Lamascus says, is because it differentiates the high-end company from other kitchen and bath remodeling firms in the area, helping the company target high-end clients who are the company’s sweet spot. “It eliminates people that think a kitchen remodel costs $10,000,” Lamascus says. “I don’t want them calling me — they have a skewed idea of a kitchen remodel.”

Though it has had the estimated price list on it site for the past five years for a range of projects including decks and new construction, six months ago the company deleted the other project types so it could concentrate on the type of projects that makes up the majority of its work: kitchens and baths. The expanded kitchen and bath estimate section breaks down kitchens and baths by size (small, medium, large) and by quality (good, better, best). 

The site offers a brief description of the finish levels:

  • Good: standard cabinets with no upgrades; standard appliances; maintain existing footprint and layout
  • Better: cabinet upgrades such as soft-close drawers and full-extension glides; mid-grade appliances and plumbing fixtures; quartz or granite countertops with backsplash; minor site modifications
  • Best: high-end cabinetry, fixtures, and appliances; includes moving load-bearing walls, appliances, and plumbing fixtures 

A medium-size “better” kitchen costs $40,000, and a medium “better" bath costs $18,000. The site also has a gallery of the company’s projects so that potential clients can see the upscale kitchens and baths it has completed. Lamascus discusses the estimates and finish levels described online with homeowners during his sales presentation.

With 75% of the company’s sales leads coming from its website and service review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List, it makes sense to help qualify those leads by including pricing. Lamascus did not see any decrease in calls from prospects after he updated the company’s kitchen and bath pricing list. “We have plenty of sales activity,” he says, “so I’m comfortable including the pricing. If it was hard times like it was three years ago, I would be more concerned,” Lamascus says. —Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.

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