Selling a client on the potential return on investment is a sound strategy, its one of the reasons we publish the Cost vs. Value report every year. But what about those times when a 60% return just doesn't do it for your client? There's all sorts of reasons why a client might get scared off of a job, but Thomas Jepsen, owner of Contractor Quotes blogs about some of the ways contractors can reassure their clients over at Shawn McCaddens blog:

Focus your presentation on the benefits that the homeowners will get once the remodeling project is done.For example if they’re considering an attic conversion, help them feel that the investment is worth it because they can get an extra living space and maybe use it as a bedroom. It’s surely more affordable than a new bedroom addition.

Jepsen highlights more ways to reassure clients such as altering how clients view the return on investment and what problems the job is solving over at Shawn McCadden's Design/Builder Blog. Click on th elink below to read the full article and read the rest of his tips.

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