When I started our remodeling company, I used to wonder how I would ever be able to sell remodeling to people as I got older. After all, I was young, energetic, open to new ideas, ready to do whatever a client asked for, and eager to work very hard. Those were some of my selling advantages.

As I spent more time in the business, my selling advantages changed and my sales skills improved. I was able to sell the idea that we had made a lot of mistakes, which is what produces “experience,” and that experience was of great value to clients. Additionally, I had been “educated” by some of my poor choices in clients: I learned that I could not make everyone happy and needed to be smarter about who we allowed to become our clients.

Translating Experience

Why do I mention this? Time marches on. That is inevitable. However, you are always at an advantage wherever you are in your maturation as a person and as a businessperson. The key is to translate your experiences into lessons that make you and your company more successful and value that makes your clients feel smart about working with your company.

The theme of the Remodeling Leadership Conference  this year is about the maturing client base and maturing remodeling businesses. These topics could not be more timely. Many remodeling companies have been in existence for a long time. Many clients are baby boomers with varied circumstances, including having multiple generations living in one home.

By joining with fellow remodelers to share and learn from successes, challenges, and best practices regarding these issues, you too can accelerate your business progress. Take charge of your future and it is likely to be closer to what you really want it to be.

—Paul Winans sold the 30-year-old remodeling business he owned with his wife, Nina, and is now a consultant and facilitator for Remodelers Advantage. paul@remodelersadvantage.com