By Phil Rea. You need to hire someone to sell kitchens and baths. What should you be looking for?

I think you should hire someone who is a salesperson first and who knows something about kitchens and baths second. If a person happens to have both of those skills, so much the better. But I strongly believe that it's harder to find a good salesperson than it is to find someone who can talk kitchens and baths.

A good salesperson can either learn to design or hire someone who can. If I were hiring, I would want someone who has strong people skills. Specifically, I'd look for someone who displays the following characteristics:

  • Genuinely likes people
  • Has a competitive spirit
  • Is able to create a sense of urgency in themselves and others
  • Has a high level of enthusiasm
  • Is a proven winner
  • Is a team player
  • A person with those qualities has a huge potential to be successful in any field. Don't bypass them because they don't have experience with kitchens or baths.

    --Phil Rea is president of Phil Rea and Associates, a firm offering sales consulting, motivational speaking, and a monthly newsletter. (866) 441-7445;