During the recent recession, many homeowners were looking only for the lowest price, and even as the economy has improved, they’re hesitant to make a decision about purchasing remodeling projects.

“You have to create ways for customers to value what you do at full price,” says Mark Hunter, aka The Sales Hunter, who, for the past 15 years, has worked with thousands of salespeople and companies helping them to “avoid the discount.” It’s easy to gain more sales by cutting price, Hunter says, but the problem is that when you cut your price, you lose your profit.

Hunter, who will be speaking at the Remodeling Leadership/Big50 Conference in May, offers six tips for how to get customers to stop hesitating and buy.

1. Stress the need: Create urgency from something the homeowner already has in mind. Restate to them the importance of “getting it done now” so they can have the work completed by a deadline they may have mentioned to you earlier — their children are coming home from college in June, for example. Remind them of the need to complete the project prior to this event.

2. Get the best crew: Again, create urgency by letting the prospect know that the project will have to get started soon or your crew will be committed to other jobs.

3. Start small: Get them to decide based on a couple of smaller decisions. Even if you haven’t sealed the deal yet, say to the homeowner, “Let’s look at a couple of wood trims,” for example. Get them to make a choice. Say, “Let’s order it and move forward.”

4. Use a calendar: Physically give homeowners a calendar. Have them hold it and point to two dates and ask them what day they’d like you to start. Get them engaged, give them something to hold, and you’ll be amazed by how much more quickly they’ll say yes.

5. Make an assumption: Assume they’re going to commit. Ask, “Would you prefer to give me a key or an access code to be able to get the project under way?”

6. Show the savings: Show them how they can save money by starting now. Let them know that the sooner the project starts, the sooner they can get their energy bills down, so there’s no reason to wait.

—Stacey Freed is a senior editor at REMODELING. Find her on Twitter at @SFreed or @RemodelingMag.