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For true believers in the Sandler sales system, presentation materials are just a waste of time. "We don't have any pitch book or presentation book," says Bill Simone of Custom Design and Construction in Los Angeles. "You don't know what [prospective customers] need to see until you ask them and find out."

The sales meeting, to these remodelers, isn't a presentation at all. "It's a fact-finding mission," says Dan Luck of Modern Kitchens in Madison, Wis., who's used Sandler for four years. The system preaches first determining the budget, decision making process, and actual needs. That gets the tire-kickers out of the way early and allows the remodeler to create strategies that specifically address the expectations of the individual clients who are likely to buy.

Presentation materials don't play a role because until a salesperson gets the facts, he or she doesn't know what issues to present to.

"I was brought up in the selling process of features and benefits, and that you needed to do a dog and pony show with the client," Luck says. "It's a total waste of time because it ultimately might not matter to the client."