Do your sales processes work together like a well-oiled machine? Having systems boosts sales, but rigidity can prevent additional deals. You may have to unlock from normal sales disciplines to make sales.

Address the objections. If you constantly receive feedback that your price is too high, or that lead time is too long, ask why. Objections are normal, but too many objections mean your sales machine needs tuning up.

Get out to go up. Many contractors are so rigid about the finality of specs that they miss opportunities to upsell and cross-sell change orders. The fact that you have an existing contract is every reason to extend the trust of the relationship with alterations that render additional profits.

Be yourself. Let your system enhance you, not replace you. While systems bring peace of mind and measurability, there's no substitute for personality. Are you naturally funny? Do you tell good stories? Have an interesting hobby? Let these attributes enrich your sales process.

Change lead response time. You may need to speed response time for hot leads. Bona fide emergency situations, vacation home projects, projects for job transferees, and projects for prospects with health challenges are a few examples where you may need to accelerate your sales process. Do this only for highly qualified leads.

In all cases, be curious about your prospect's motivations so you're not wasting time. Measure each decision with sales results. —Paul Montelongo, CGR, is a construction industry trainer and consultant. For more strategies to increase sales, visit