A New York supplier is responding to the demand for kitchen and bath products and design with a sleek, expansive showroom. The Lakeville Industries space in Lindenhurst holds 50 kitchen and 25 bathroom displays. “It's a brand new environment to sell kitchen and bath cabinets and accessories. We truly believe it's the wave of the future,” says Richard Sirlin, the company's president and CEO.

There are rooms of cabinet samples, decorative hardware, and countertop materials. A wide range of appliances is on display as well. The company also uses technology to educate clients. The showroom is equipped with plasma screens showing special video loops from manufacturers about their products. And customers have access to the expertise of Lakeville design professionals to lead them through the maze of choices.

Entry to the showroom is by appointment only — consumers must be referred by industry professionals, including architects, contractors, builders, and designers. For more information, visit www.lakevilleindustries.com.