Often the difference between getting a job and losing one to a competitor who offers an inferior service is simply a matter of closing well.

Many salespeople are good at making the presentation, but get scared when it's time to close. Why?

If you genuinely feel your services would benefit the prospect, you do that person a disservice by failing to close the deal. Professional salespeople believe that if you give prospects enough information, they will be able to make a decision. That decision can be a “yes” or a “no.” It's your job to get the decision.

Close after — and only after —you've made a presentation on your product and company and you have the appropriate answers to the following questions:

First, “Don't you think you'll love this product?” With the price you're going to ask them to pay, they're going to need to feel the love. Second, “Do you have any concerns about our company's ability to deliver this product at the level of quality you expect?”

Only after these two questions are answered should you tell them the price, hand them a pen, and show them where to sign. —Phil Rea has conducted more than 13,200 in-home sales calls and trained more than 1,750 salespeople. He shares his sales strategies each month with salespeople through his MasterMind Program. Call 866.441.7445 for details.