Q: How do you respond to, "We'll get back with you"?

A: When prospects say, "No, we like someone else better," or "No, that's too expensive," at least we know what we have to do to get a Yes. But, "We'll get back with you"? Ouch! The best thing to do is to turn it into a No, and then turn that No into a Yes. Say, "Mr. and Mrs. Prospect, have I given you enough information to make an informed decision?" Assuming they say yes, ask if they plan to get another estimate or talk with someone else. Tell them they're allowed to say no. If they want to think about it overnight, explain that that's fine and make a next-day appointment.

Why are some of those companies at the top of the REMODELING 100 one-call closers? Because their salespeople tell prospects that if they don't give them an answer tonight, the opportunity to do business goes away. They know that the odds of getting a Yes right away are greater than the odds of one of those "Get backs" actually turning into a greenback.

--Phil Rea is president of Phil Rea and Associates, a firm offering sales consulting, motivational speaking, and a monthly newsletter. (866) 441-7445; philrea@aol.com.