Negative thoughts or emotions kill sales. Here are five ways to avoid a deadbeat sales attitude.

Harness your body's power. Every move tells your brain whether you're happy, sad, stressed, or any number of other emotions. Positive-minded people convey attitude with the power of their body. A grin and an upright posture will increase your sales. Move with confidence. Use appropriate humor to engage your prospect.

Check your inner conversation. They say the average human has 40,000 thoughts a day, but who counted? Regardless of this estimate's accuracy, imagine the implications. What are you doing with your 40,000 thoughts? Direct them to send yourself positive images of creating opportunities and being service-minded. How can you serve prospects instead of thinking, "What's in it for me?" Focus on long-term, meaningful connections.

Prepare. Preparation reduces fear. When you reduce fear, your thoughts and actions aren't restricted. You won't worry about what you're going to say or do next.

Focus. Your ability to focus on positive outcomes will determine your sales success. Are you concentrating on what you want to happen rather than on what you don't want to happen? Focus on sales goals rather than external influences, like a bad economy. What you focus on becomes your reality.

Be authentic. Any sales strategy won't help improve your attitude or your sales if you're not a genuinely caring person. Your customer knows when you're faking it. Be yourself. Your customer will trust you. With authenticity, you live with self-confidence, and that always affects your attitude. — Paul Montelongo, CGR, is a construction industry trainer and consultant. For more strategies to increase sales, visit