Remodelers Advantage's guest contributor, Chip Doyle, says that remodelers fall into one of two categories when interacting with potential clients over the phone: under-qualifying (UQ) or over-qualifying (OQ).

Those that fall into the UQ camp send out a salesperson to any call from a homeowner. The OQ’s ask a list of questions and often seek to find out if the client is going to buy anything before sending out a salesperson in the first place.

If you’re a UQ, Doyle recommends asking for more information on the phone before you send your salesperson out. As Doyle writes, "The fact of the matter is there actually are some leads for which you should not be leaving the office. And even if they are worthy of a site visit, asking the right questions will allow you to coordinate strategies with your salesperson before sending them out. This is the easiest way to improve closing and conversion rates.”

For the OQ’s, Doyle's advice is to loosen your standards a bit. Just because you visit a homeowner doesn’t mean you have to give a bid or any proposal. Nor are they obligated to buy from you. Doyle writes, "I have seen OQ home improvement companies increase their annual revenues by 35 to 40% just by doing less stringent qualifying on the phone and a handful of additional techniques in person. What the OQers typically don’t understand is that large-ticket sales require face-to-face interactions, not voice-to-voice, to close.”

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