When remodeler Tracey Bail began to renovate a building for his new showroom, he knew he wanted something that would grab the attention of passersby and instantly communicate the work of Bail Home Services & Construction. He built a tower loft with windows above the corner entry of the building and fitted it with a bath vignette on one side and a kitchen vignette on the other. He installed a female mannequin in each display to add interest and make the display more realistic and recognizable. “I wanted it to be self-explanatory,” says the president/owner of the Goshen, Ind., company.

Bail says he wanted to create something that was like a department store window. The building is in a more visible location than the remodeler's previous showroom. The tower can be seen from both directions of a major highway and is well lit at night. Bail also included large posters of his company's projects in the ground floor windows, labeled with information about the project type. He found the used mannequins by searching the Internet.

Since creating the display, Bail's showroom has had more foot traffic, with many visitors commenting that they were drawn by the window display. Bail says, “It's accomplished exactly what I wanted it to. It's gotten people interested in what we do and gotten them in the door.”