Five Steps to Turn Your Clients Into Raving FansFive Steps to Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans

Listening, hand-holding, and managing expectations help build a client's... Read more

Customers Killing You on Change Orders? Van Halen Has the Answer Customers Killing You on Change Orders? Van Halen Has the Answer

You probably don't associate the famous rockers with being crafty businessmen, but... Read more

Words Can't Express What's Keeping You From Winning That Job

What Oregon's Shakespeare Theater taught REMODELING consultant Paul Winans about how potential customers viewed him. Read more

Lowe's Steps Up Efforts to Serve ProsLowe's Steps Up Efforts to Serve Pros

Big box aims to make life easier for contractors Read more

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Here's the Kind of Dripping That You Want to Have

REMODELING consultant Paul Winans suggests you draw inspiration from a dribbling faucet next time you're having trouble with a hard-to-reach prospect. Read more

Power Players: Women Are Waiting for Your Sales Call

Slow response times will cost you the lead with any customer, but speedy service and keeping your promises is particularly important with customers who are women. Read more

Website Lead Shelf-Life: Short. Your Time to Act: Now

Considering that website leads are more likely to convert to appointments and sales than any other lead type—aside from repeat/referral—when prospects reach your website, be prepared to accommodate every level of interest and to move quickly. Read more

How Warranties Can Help You Sell Roof Work

Long-term workmanship warranties can be a potent marketing and sales tool Read more

No Work; Now What? Winans Shows the Way

Here's a memo that's must reading for all remodelers down on their luck Read more

Adding Salespeople? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things

These days of growth make it likely you're either hiring salespeople or thinking of doing so. But before you do, REMODELING consultant Victoria Downing says that you first must make certain you have a system in place to help that new hire excel. Here's what to do. Read more

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