What is the RMLC? The Remodeling Leadership Conference is the kind of gathering where what goes on during breaks between speakers is as valuable as listening to the speakers themselves. And at this year’s event, held just outside of Washington in May, the speakers gave attendees much to talk about. For copies of their presentations, visit remodelingconf.com/speaker.html.

Top Tweets

Tweets began popping out of smartphones at the Remodeling Leadership Conference almost as soon as Sam Geist kicked off the event. Hundreds of Twitter feeds followed over the two days of conference programming, most of them citing favorite lines by our speakers.

Here are some of the top quotes — and who said them — as reported by a dozen or so itchy-thumbed RMLC participants:

• “If you don’t love yourself, that probably makes it unanimous.” Al Walker

• “Changing is tough. Not changing is terminal.” Sam Geist

• On paying for links: “Don’t do it! Google will banish you to search Siberia.” April Wilson

• “Be the pebble in the shoe of your company.” John Gordon, The Home Depot, during a reception

• “I’ll give you a dime for an idea. I’ll give you a dollar if you execute an idea.” Sam Geist

• “Price is not a sustainable competing advantage, the best advantage is yourself.” Mark Hunter

• “No doubt about it, we have a bullish outlook [on housing].” Jonathan Smoke

• “If quality, service, and value are your differentiators, give yourself only a grade C.” Sam Geist

• “If you negotiate with price, you are putting a gun to your head.” Mark Hunter

• “Banks have been selling far more homes than home builders for the past six years running. Now that’s diminishing.” Jonathan Smoke

• “Differentiate or die.” Sam Geist

• “The power of laughter is amazing. Don’t take life too seriously.” Al Walker