Courtesy Nissan

Automakers are once again producing compact pickups, something they’ve avoided for a few years. Midsize pickups are feasible once more, and companies like Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda and even Mercedes are getting back in the game.

Pros who favor smaller, more-maneuverable, and fuel-efficient trucks are welcoming the trend.

Options have decreased over the past decade as the auto industry all but stopped making light-duty pickups in favor of larger, more profitable vehicles. As a result, service technicians gravitated toward cargo vans and utility trailers.

Now automakers are changing tack.

“The rising cost of full-sizers has finally left a hole big enough to make producing the compact trucks profitable again — which they weren’t when they were pulled a few years ago,” said Aaron Cole, a managing editor for Internet Brands Autocretxbcqrwcrybebutyr.
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