In a recent study of 1,000 women who have remodeled, almost half (45%) said that they found staying within budget to be the most difficult part of the home remodeling process — even harder than finding the right contractor (10%).

The most popular remodeling projects are kitchens and baths. Almost 75% of respondents said that they had recently remodeled or were planning to remodel their bathrooms, while 58% said kitchen remodels were their priority.

The study, commissioned by eBay, found that 65% of the women surveyed go to large home improvement retailers to do their comparative shopping. Less than 6% of the respondents shop online for home improvement items. However, John McDonald, director of eBay's home category, says eBay has seen an influx of today's most coveted remodeling items such as colored washing machines, high-end designer stoves, and bamboo flooring.

The 1,000 women surveyed were current or previous homeowners, the primary or shared decision-makers regarding home improvement/renovation for their households, and were currently planning a home remodeling project or had completed such a project within the last 10 years.