You won't see Linda Case eating raw cow intestines. You won't see Walt Stoeppelwerth living in a chateau in France, choosing his bride from a bevy of beautiful 20-somethings. You won't see the editors of this magazine voting each other off of a tropical island.

What you will see, however, if you tune to TBS Superstation this fall, is the latest entry into the voyeuristic world of reality television -- with a remodeling twist.

From the producers of "Fear Factor" and "Big Brother," "House Rules" takes three lucky duos and turns them loose in three unlucky houses, giving them three months to do their best Big50 impression.

Each week, contestants will participate in a home improvement-related contest to win a larger budget for a certain project. They'll also rotate as hosts of a potluck dinner, where they'll have a chance to sneak a peek at their competitors' progress. The 13th and final episode will be televised live and will give viewers the opportunity to vote for the best couple, based on design, craftsmanship, and attitude. The triumphant team's prize will be the deed to the house they remodeled.

Remodeling professionals searching for their 15 minutes of fame and a new house should look elsewhere; the rules state that teams in which one or both members derive at least 25% of their income from home improvement work -- including designing and decorating -- are ineligible. Potential contestants are being screened for their DIY aptitude, however, as they will be entirely responsible for the design and construction aspects of their remodel. Lowe's, the national home improvement chain, has partnered with the network and MAGNA Global Entertainment on the show, and all tools and materials used will come from its stores. Contestants will be allowed to seek limited help from Lowe's employees when making their purchases.