Police in California recently arrested a man on suspicion of elder abuse after he charged a 96-year-old victim $15,000 for mold removal when there was no mold.

32-year-old Yair Zilberman contacted the victim with quotes for "multiple services related to air duct replacement and installation," according to ABC 10 News in San Diego, California.

Operating under the company name "American Way Remodeling," Zilberman told the victim that there was extensive mold in the attic. He then took the victim to the bank where $15,000 was withdrawn for the mold removal.

"It was later determined that there had never been any mold in the victim's attic and Zilberman agreed to refund the money, but sent the victim a check with insufficient funds, according to Oceanside police officer Ryan Keim."

Police are currently looking for more potential victims and Zilberman is being held on $200,000 bail.

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