EXHIBITS Visit with over 300 exhibiting companies in every major product category to increase your product knowledge and build valuable relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. For a complete, updated list of exhibitors visit our website at www.TheRemodelingShow.com.

INSTALLATION CLINICS A trademark component to the Remodeling Show, these interactive sessions connect you with top industry specialists providing you an up-close look at the latest tools, materials and building techniques. The 2005 show will feature over 20 unique clinic sessions, FREE for all attendees. See pages 6 & 7 for a complete clinic schedule.

BEER GARDEN It's not all business at the Remodeling Show! Relax, have a beer and enjoy the show. The beer garden will open promptly at 12:00pm and will close one hour before the conclusion of each day. Free beer coupons will be raffled off hourly— look for details onsite.

REMODELERS' ROUNDUP An event so great, we had to mention it twice! See the description on the left page for details.

CUSTOMIZING THE 21ST CENTURY KITCHEN: DESIGNS, TRENDS AND SOLUTIONS The 2005 Mega Clinic will focus on the latest, must-know concepts and techniques relative to high profit kitchen remodeling. With eight unique sessions spanning the three day show, remodelers will see first-hand how to create the ultimate 21st century kitchen. Sessions include Building a Wall of Glass, Smart Home Technology, Radiant Heating and more!

NEW PRODUCTS PAVILION Located directly in the center of the exhibit hall, this special pavilion gives you a good look at all the latest industry trends and directs you to the innovative exhibitors whose products are featured. You have the opportunity to get involved by voting for your favorite new products for 2005.

MASTERWORK OF DESIGN COMPETITION Now in its second year, the Masterwork of Design Competition will feature the best architects and designers competing to create a design solution for a fictitious client and building site. This intense 3-day competition will match the contestants design skills using only the basic instruments: paper, rulers, pencils and a lot of erasers. You'll get to watch the whole thing take place LIVE on the show floor as the designs unfold before your eyes. Winners will be announced at the show. To enter the MasterWork of Design Competition please email ptreanor@hanleywood.com for details and qualifications.

REMODELING SHOW BOOKSTORE The Remodeling Show Bookstore is your complete resource for remodeling books, software, CDs, merchandise and more. The Bookstore will be centrally located outside the exhibit hall and will be open Wednesday through Saturday.