We kick off this issue with a look at how remodeling got where it is today in “Industry Milestones”, which spotlights eight key developments in the industry's history. And if you want to find out what remodelers, consultants, and pundits think is on tap for the next 20 years and beyond, click here to read how they see the industry evolving and their predictions for “the next big thing.”

One aspect of the remodeling industry that's always evolving is products, so take a tour of the most important advances in building products over the past 20 years, from appliances and fixtures to tools and engineered lumber with the “Product Evolution”.

But it's not just product innovation that's affected by changes in consumer tastes. As remodelers know, client needs and expectations over the past 20 years have changed too, so we asked three architects to give their suggestions — based on current consumer needs and wants — for how to improve a typical house built in 1985, when REMODELING was launched. Click here to see their design solutions.

Finally, if you're looking to the future and wondering whether remodeling will follow in the footsteps of new home building, which has seen increased consolidation in recent years, click here to read “Consolidation: Coming Soon,” a feature story examining the changing structure of the remodeling industry.

So come celebrate with REMODELING. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane and the buzz about what's predicted for the future.

REMODELING Anniversary Feature Index

Industry Milestones
The remodeling industry has come a long way in the last 20 years. A convergence of opportunities and challenges has made remodelers more professional, respected — and pressured.

The Next Big Thing
Solutions to the labor crisis? New approaches to design? Experts from the worlds of construction, design, demographics, and management forecast hotspots on the road ahead.

Product Evolution
We've seen significant changes and advances in products used in the remodeling industry during the past 20 years. Here's a look at the most remarkable transformations.

The Design Charrette
Three architects offer solutions to remodel a typical 1985 house.

Consolidation: Coming Soon
There are hurdles to overcome, but most remodelers believe that consolidation will happen in the remodeling industry.