With an average project size of $143,000 and a clientele consisting exclusively of dentists and doctors, Patrick M. Crowley Inc. (Big50 1994) has some of the baseline characteristics of many upscale remodeling companies. But instead of residential kitchens and master suites, Crowley's projects involve reception areas, examining rooms, and laboratories. And instead of being executed during the standard workday, projects are usually carried out on nights and weekends, when clients — and their patients — are at home.

“We only do private practice medical facilities,” says Crowley, of Johnston, R.I. Since launching his specialized company in 1990, he has expanded its services to include space planning, full-service design/build, and custom modular cabinetry manufactured in a 10,000 square-foot, fully computerized facility. The company's 27 employees work in all six New England states, and its cabinetry is shipped to offices nationwide.

About 40% of Crowley's clients are medical practices, and the other 60% are dentists. Twenty-three of the company's 25 jobs in 2005 were for past clients or direct referrals from past clients.

Convenience is the key to Crowley's success. For instance, initial meetings are always held in the client's office, and when clients visit the showroom, designers walk them through their choices. Off-hours construction sustains clients' patient and cash flow, and Crowley's field crews go to great lengths to make the offices patient-ready come morning.

Communication also keeps projects running smoothly. Doctors and dentists understand issues such as cash flow and administrative overhead, so they have no problem with Crowley's percentage-of-completion billing basis. Clients are required to attend weekly on-site project meetings. Each meeting is preceded by a faxed invoice, so the client can hand over a check at the meeting itself. With time, they become familiar with other processes as well, such as change orders and approvals.

Crowley says the medical profession's constant change creates tremendous opportunity for remodelers. With that in mind, Patrick M. Crowley now offers “dealerships” in other marketplaces. Learn more by calling 800.791.0097.