$18,000 for a hole? That’s what one family in New York ended up with when they hired an unlicensed contractor to install a pool that was estimated to take four to five weeks to complete. Carlos Herrera of C7R Pools was hired to install the pool, but the homeowners already knew something was wrong when the crew began to dig for a pool… going the wrong way.

Homeowner Richard DeMolas said that this was just part of a long line of problems down the road for him. The crew hired didn’t speak English, had just two people assigned to the project, and the homeowner never saw the contractor oversee the project. This resulted in many mistakes in the instillation of this pool such as no insulation at the bottom of the pool, stairs too steep, the drain for the pool filter was tilted at a slight angle, and during the project half of DeMolas’ home’s electricity was cut off.

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