Do you know what a Right to Rescission form is, Or if you do, its importance?

Those hired to do services on a home are required, by federal law, to provide two copies of a Right of Rescission notice which explains, as Michael Stone’s latest blog post says that the homeowner, “can change their mind and cancel the contract within three business days. If they change their mind, all they have to do is mail you now copy of the cancellation form, postmarked before midnight of the third business day.”

Referred to as “the cooling-off rule,” the form is intended to protect homeowners from door-to-door and flighty contractors. Not having this in your arsenal can land you in hefty legal fees and can cause you some serious problems.

Stone writes that if you don’t have this form, you need to get one stat. Find a Right of Rescission form that applies to your company’s location. Contact an association you’re a part of and they should be able to help.

From Michael Stone: Look at it another way: presenting that form to your clients doesn't just follow the law, it shows them that you're a competent business owner. You know what you're doing, and you'll do it right. It's worth the time to educate yourself and your staff about the federal requirements for the Right of Rescission, as well as your state laws.

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