Homeowners in South Texas whose homes were damaged by storms last year and in May are suing FEMA and calling for the organization to produce the documents that allowed it to deny the families monetary assistance for their claims.

The lawsuit was filed in a Washington, D.C., court and includes 27 plaintiffs. According to an article from KRGV, one family's home is now unlivable and FEMA did not provide the family assistance. Another family only received $75 to fix the roof of its home.

Juanita Valdez-Cox is the director of LUPE; the advocacy group is also listed on the lawsuit. She said the goal is about more than getting storm victims monetary help.

“But it’s also about in the future, that there be no discrimination against low-income families,” Valdez-Cox said.

There are victims from the July and October 2015 floods in Hidalgo and Willacy counties and the May 2016 storm in Mission.

Many low-income families received no federal assistance. Valdez-Cox said this lawsuit was filed in Washington D.C. for a reason.

KRGV also reports a similar lawsuit was filed in 2008, but is still pending.

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