Celia Voyles

OSHA has awarded $10.5 million in grants to 77 nonprofit organizations focused on worker safety practices. The grants, through the Department of Labor’s Susan Hardwood Training Grants Program, will provide training and education for employers and workers on how to avoid and prevent safety and health concerns in the workplace.

In a statement from OSHA, the award will go to organizations falling under the following categories: Capacity-Building Developmental, Capacity-Building Pilot, Targeted Topic Training, and Training and Educational Materials Development.

OSHA is awarding approximately $3.6M to 28 organizations for new targeted-topic training grants to organize and develop materials and programs that address workplace hazards. These grant recipients will focus primarily on addressing OSHA concerns involving: silica exposure, confined spaces, workplace violence and other workplace hazards.

Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said in a statement, “Education and training help employers keep our nation's workers safe and healthy, especially in high-hazard industries. Organizations receiving the Susan Harwood Training Grants we are awarding today help employees and employers create safer, healthier workplaces.”

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