Following the Department of Labor's new rule on silica exposure, the department is spreading the word on the heath risks that high levels of silica exposure poses. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez interviews Alan White a foundry worker whose job led to silicosis. As a single parent, working at a foundry in Buffalo, NY was the only job he could take.

In an audio interview, White discusses how his job as a foundry worker resulted in a debilitating lung disease from simply doing his job. He speaks with Sec. Perez on the dangers silica has on workers and encourages industry leaders to provide their workers with proper protection in order to prevent more workers from suffering from silicosis.

Over the years, I have suffered the effects of my industrial disease in many ways. Walking is more difficult, especially if the environment is not ideal. Perfumes, potpourri and aerosol propellants are tough on me – I found that out the hard way. I am more susceptible to colds, flu and bronchitis, so I must be extra careful during the change of seasons...I hope sharing my experience will help ensure that workers like my colleagues can enjoy the fresh air at the end of their shift, and through a well-earned retirement.
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