Stafford, N.J., contractors are accused of taking more than $1.1 million from superstorm Sandy victims. The contractors are charged with taking money and not completing the work for damaging houses or replace them with modular homes.

According to NJ authorities, contractors Jonathan Price and Scott Cowan, took “significant initial payments,” did a poor job or abandoned unfinished projects and never returned to them for months or at all. Of the $1.1 million taken from superstorm Sandy homeowners, more than $898,000 was in federal relief grants.

Acting Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino, “What makes this kind of greed even more repugnant is that these men allegedly preyed on people relying on financial assistance from the state to rebuild or restore their homes.”

A contractor from Price and Cowan advertised their company as the “one stop solution” to help victims of superstorm Sandy.

The Asbury Park Press reports:

"The state alleges that Price, Cowan and Price Home Group violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, the Contractors' Registration Act, and home elevation, home improvement, and advertising regulations. Besides failing to complete work, they allegedly repeatedly rescheduled dates for the start of home elevation work or modular home installation and didn't start, the state said.

Some of the work was substandard as well, such as a home elevated to a half a foot less than the required height, or the installation of inferior footings for the home elevation, the state said."

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