War veteran Walter Kloss in Akron, N.Y. is finally getting the roof replacement he paid for. Kloss paid Sunbilt Living more than $5,400 to install a new roof on his Akron Mobile Home Park home. However, after four months the roof was only halfway done. Kloss’ family was willing to pay an extra $1,800 to finish the project, but after repeated phone calls and no sign of the contractor, Kloss’ son Mark Kloss took over.

Three homeowners, including Walter Kloss, have filed complaints with WIVB’s Call 4 Action in 2016. Following this investigation, Chancey Vanice from Sunbilt agreed to finish the roofing project, whether he gets paid at all or not.

As Mark Kloss told WIVB, "I come from a military family also, and I would hate to see this happen to anybody for any given time. I mean we are not wealthy people, but I don’t want to see this happen. It hurts.”

Sunbilt Living owner, Joseph Ferrante back in August 2014 was contacted by WIVB Call 4 Action for having failed to complete an awning for another family in New York back in 2014. The couple got their money refunded and the state police charged Ferrante with grand larceny and fraud charges. The case is still pending.

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