Officials in Jackson, Mich., have taken new steps to combat the dangers associated with lead paint. Under a new measure landlords would be required to conduct assessments with certified lead inspectors on properties that were built prior to 1978. Officials during this inspection would have to disclose where lead hazards exist.

Much like other cities, Jackson is able to provide free lead risk assessments to households depending on income and housing conditions.

Jackson’s public works director Todd Knepper in a release said, "The water crisis in Flint has raised concerns elsewhere, including in Jackson, and those concerns have not fallen on deaf ears. The city has sampled drinking water for lead and copper since 1992 - the year the federal Safe Drinking Water Act went into effect - and has never exceeded the EPA action level.”

City officials are going to be holding a public forum with the local community to discuss future steps to combat lead poisoning concerns.

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