New Jersey-based remodeling company, Daruwe Corp. is in some legal trouble. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has filed a six-count complaint and civil action case against the company for having defrauded consumers. The company also goes by the names Majestic Home Remodeling and is owned by Wisam Emachah.

Consumer Affairs claims that Emachah’s remodeling company took money deposits for home improvement projects but never completed them, lured clients into his business by falsely telling them they needed new roofs, performed shoddy work, and also failed to provide the required “lifetime guarantee.”

Authorities involved in the investigation say that Emachah’s could have lost consumers roughly $400 to $30,500.

As the Burlington County Times reports:

"We’re not going to let New Jersey homeowners be victimized by corrupt contractors who deceive them into believing they need costly home repairs, as Wisam Emachah allegedly did,” Attorney General Christopher Porrino said in a news release Thursday.

“What makes this case even more disturbing is that this contractor allegedly wasn’t content with tricking customers into hiring him for repairs they didn’t need. He further defrauded them by walking off with their money without satisfactorily finishing the jobs,” Porrino said.

The complaint against the defendants seeks restitution, reimbursement of attorney fees, civil penalties, a permanent revocation of the home improvement contractor registration of Majestic Home Remodeling, and a permanent injunction as to the defendants’ advertisement, offer for sale, sale and performance of home improvements in New Jersey, according to Consumer Affairs representatives.

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