CLIPP Inaugural Class. Photo courtesy CLIPP
CLIPP Inaugural Class. Photo courtesy CLIPP

Living In Place Institute (LIPI) announced the graduation of the first class from its Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) program last month. The program is geared at giving professionals across several industries an international certification for home accessibility and safety, leading to recommending design and construction ideas that far exceed current industry practices. 

While the program carries several distinctions, such as requiring those who attend to have 5 years of experience, a verified license, and general liability insurance, LIPI co-founder Erik Listou believes what really sets CLIPP apart is whom they choose to serve. "Our program addresses all homes," says Listou. According to him, other programs are limited to those who are aging in place, but CLIPP does not put people into groups. 

Aside from not marginalizing themselves by only serving one demographic, Listou (who taught a course on universal design) believes the program offers something different than universal design. While universal design is a set of principles, CLIPP offers practical solutions. 

Not only do students of the program receive specialty training, but upon completion of the program they are also given access to CLIPP's electronic Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist (HASAC). This allows those with access to thoroughly and quickly identify, report, and recommend home modifications and improve independence and dignity for all residents of the home. 

In addition to gaining access to HASAC, graduates of the CLIPP program also gain marketing opportunities. Listou understands that following your dreams does not always lead to making the most money--through CLIPP, he wants to help graduates learn not only about better home safety skills and products but also how to increase their business. 

LIPI plans to move the CLIPP program into multifamily as well as commercial buildings in the future.  The institute also wants to have 10,000 trained CLIPP professionals within the next 5 years and will release a book for consumers, How to Live in Place, once they have reached this number.