Lead paint is a much more serious problem than lead contaminated water. This, is the reality that many residents in Rochester, N.Y. are having to come to terms with. Elizabeth McDade is the program manager for the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning and told News10NBC that children in Rochester are more likely to get lead poisoning from paint chips in their homes over water contaminated with lead like in Flint, Mich. McDade says,

"I can't find one of the 29 towns in Monroe County that has less than 68 percent of its houses built before 1980. If you live in a pre-78 house, just assume there is lead paint in it and work appropriately.”

The City of Rochester is encouraging residents to get their homes tested for lead through a certified inspector and get children tested before they begin attending school. The City of Rochester is also offering free lead home inspections to residents.

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