Do you know how to check a home for lead exposure? Mother Jones details seven ways that a home could be prone to lead exposure. Give this check list to your client if you are working on an older home. Go through this process to avoid lead paint exposure for you and your clients. Be sure to take all precautions as lead exposure can lead to lifelong side affects.

For water pipes, recommend that your clients to install an NSF-approved filter in older homes. Even new kitchen fixtures can contain small amounts of lead. Using a filter will ensure that no lead seeps into a home's water supply system. Check countertops and floors for paint chips that can accumulate on surfaces. Wiping them down regularly will prevent exposure. Avoid scraping, sanding or chemically striping old lead paint. Be sure to seal off the lead paint exposure with a fresh coat of paint. However, if you have to strip down the paint, wet the paint to keep down dust and bring in an abatement professional.

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