A contractor in Rexburg, Idaho was sentenced in August for having committed grand theft, sexual harassment of his victims, illegal gun possession, and repeated attempts to “hijack” court proceedings.

The state accused Black of knowingly defrauding clients for projects that he later left incomplete costing homeowners $50,000 in deposits and construction tools. He will now serve 9 years in jail.

As the Idaho State Journal reports,

The victim gave an impact statement to the court, in which he explained how Black defrauded him, causing him to lose up to $50,000. He also said that Black, acting in retaliation, placed his and his wife’s cell phone numbers on a Craigslist webpage, which resulted in the couple receiving numerous obscene text messages seeking sex. The victim said that after discovering that Black had posted his daughter’s face on a gay porn site, he decided to take legal action. As a result, Black was also charged and convicted of harassment charges in Jefferson County.

'Yes, we are here for the sentencing of grand theft. But also behind the theft is a very dark person. Sick enough to use a child's photo and post it on a porn website. Sick enough to use fake nude photos, posting them on Craigslist soliciting adultery. All these events have caused stress and sleepless nights for my wife and I,' the victim said.

Seventh District Judge Greg Moeller saw the case as a homeowner’s worst nightmare manifested,

Every person considering remodeling or building a home — it’s their worst nightmare coming to fruition here. The crude and perverse way you responded to their complaints — this is far more than any human being should have to endure.

If charged for illegal gun possession, Black could face an additional ten years in prison.

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