In March Danny Shoemaker was hired by a Bossier Parish, La., resident for remodeling work. After flood damage, resident Doug Payne now is out thousands of dollars after he paid Shoemaker to do remodeling work that was never completed.

Less than a month after Payne hired Shoemaker for remodeling work, Shoemaker took his equipment and some of Payne’s tools and left for what he said was a quick job in Houston. However, he never returned and Payne wasn’t able to reach him.

As KSLA News reports,

"Payne's home was left unfinished, the doors and cabinets left lying on the ground. And that's not all, Payne said paint is everywhere in his home, including on Payne's brick fireplace, which will probably have to be replaced...Payne explained that he does not want this to happen to any other flood victim, and advises anyone hiring a contractor to be sure that they are hiring someone legitimate. He suggests you ask a big name contractor if they have heard of who you are looking to hire."

Authorities are still searching for Shoemaker who is also wanted by multiple East Texas agencies and has a warrant out in his name.

As remodeling season heats up, it’s a good reminder to make sure that you notify the authorities of shady contractors so that future clients don’t get swindled out of money.

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