As hurricane season approaches, remodelers and home builders are preparing for severe weather. However, this week a former contractor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said that he was told "to deny or underpay any projects" that exceeded certain parameters when deciding compensation for Superstorm Sandy victims.

At a news conference, Jeff Coolridge a former manager for OST Inc., said he was required to deny or underpay nearly 1,000 Sandy claims during the four months after the storm working as a flood manager.

“If I or one of my reviewers recommended that FEMA pay more on a claim than the threshold predicted, FEMA would not approve it and told us to change our estimates,” he said. “FEMA applied this threshold systematically, creating a process designed to underpay the people it insured. I left because I think it’s wrong. It is time to expose this systematic fraud and cynical manipulation that victimizes further the families who are hurting after disasters like Hurricane Sandy.”

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