When homeowner are looking for a trusted contractor, many seek out help from HomeAdvisor. The site is intended to connect users with trusted area contractors through what it say is a “the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes.”

However, for Augusta, Ga., homeowners that’s not the case. For area homeowners, HomeAdvisor has continued to recommend the same ex-convict over and over. Homeowner Frances Hodges was connected with CSRA Concrete to add more concrete to her home’s driveway. Hodges paid Neil White, the owner, $1,200 deposit for work to begin the next day. The next day, White never showed up and Hodges called the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. She learned that Neil White’s real name was Cornelius White and that he was currently in jail. For several years White took money for home improvement projects under many business names and was connected to homeowners through recommendations on HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor is sending Hodges a check for $1,200 and says that White was able to register on the site numerous times because he was using different names.

As WRDW reports:

HomeAdvisor says it conducts background checks on contractors which includes criminal as well as business and license checks. In this case, the woman's name and social checked out. HomeAdvisor says she didn't need a business license for concrete work which is why they recommended CSRA Concrete as a "pro you can trust."

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