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Be careful with what you install… a Niagara Falls, Ontario contractor has been fined C$537,500 (US$409,157.52) when a senior burned to death on their heated bathroom floor. The investigation found that the victim suffered from third-degree burns from the overheated floors that didn’t have the heat sensor properly installed. The Electoral Safety Authority gave Pro-Teck Electric, the company responsible, the largest financial penalty in the history of license electrical contracting in Ontario.

The company has pleaded guilty to multiple charges such as: leaving an unsafe electrical conduction, failure to procure connection authorization before use, and failure to apply for an electrical inspection.

In a statement, ESA chief safety officer Scott Saint said,

We are terribly saddened by this incident, and it underscores how dangerous electrical work can be when it’s not done properly. We aggressively pursue those who operate outside the law, and we’re pleased the court has delivered a strong message that if you break the law and put public safety at risk, there will be serious consequences.

So should the contractor face criminal charges? Let us know your thoughts.

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