The U.S. paint company Sherwin-Williams is being blamed for the death of a construction worker in Aspen Springfield, Missouri.

Painting contractor RF Barratt Enterprises LLC released details of the death of Joshua Halphin, 25, who died last month after falling from a fifth floor of a development under construction. The claim filed by RF Barratt claims that Sherwin-Williams directed the employee and did not provide him with the proper training for workers to work at that height. RF Barratt says that a problem arose when Sherwin-Williams employee borrowed a forklift along with a driver, instead of carrying a paint bucket as agreed upon.

The forklift was carrying about 30 60-ound bucket soft paint that were then placed in a plywood container that was strapped onto a forklift. Josh Halphin died while trying to unload the paint from the plywood container when it shifted and he fell on the forklift at a fall of roughly 50 feet.

RF Barratt claims Sherwin-Williams had been contracted to deliver paint buckets to the fifth-floor location, where RF Barratt would begin painting a few days later. At the request of Sherwin-Williams, RF Barratt sent three painters to help with the delivery, according to the release.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the worker’s death.

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