Referred to as “Slippery Phil,” an Ottawa roofing contractor is facing repeated charges, conditions, fines, and jail time for what authorities say are deception practices, failing to refund customers, and failing to provide contracts for work.

Homeowner Joy Caron tells the CBC that Philip Slobodzian left a pile of debris at the side of her house along with a gouge in her siding and a dumpster she had to have removed for C$600 (US$462) Caron told the CBC that “Mr. Slobodzian is just a snake in my book. He is the most unethical piece of garbage I have had the the dissatisfaction of meeting… He did not complete my vents. He left me with a huge mess…” Caron then received a letter from Slobodzian’s lawyers saying that Caron still owned Slobodzian nearly $7,224. Caron says she already paid Slobodzian $5,500 for the shoddy work.

Another victim of Slobodzian’s lack of handy work, George Hanson, says that he paid Slobodzian for the work, but was later told by workers of Slobodzian that they weren’t getting paid. Hanson tried to reach Slobodzian for six weeks, but Slobodzian could not be reached. Hanson tells the CBC Slobodzian then showed up at his house demanding money.

The CBC reports:

"One place Slobodzian is often seen is the Ottawa Court House on Elgin Street, where he's listed as being involved in close to 50 lawsuits over the past 10 years, both as a plaintiff and a defendant.

The most recent case, filed just a few weeks ago, is a demand for a Kanata couple to pay him $25,000 for a roofing job. When contacted by CBC the couple was not aware of the lawsuit, and said Slobodzian had virtually nothing to do with the job on their home.

Over the years, Slobodzian has been listed on Ontario's Consumer Beware List. He's been convicted under the Consumer Protection Act four times, sentenced to jail three times and fined tens of thousands of dollars. Late last year the fraud unit of the Ottawa police published a mug shot of Slobodzian and asked for the public's help in tracking him down. And yet the combined forces of the police and the province have so far failed to stop the stream of complaints from people who say he victimized them.

Caron says one of the reasons she came forward is because she fears Slobodzian is constantly looking for fresh victims. 'Other people out there are dealing with this person and he's doing the same thing to them. We just do not want to sit back.'"

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