In 2015, construction lobbying groups spent more than $53 million dollars according to the Center for Responsive Politics. These efforts focused on five subcategories within the industry: building materials and equipment, general contractors, construction services, home builders, and special trade contractors. Industry groups have stepped up their lobbying efforts in response to what they say is the Obama administration’s “anti-business regulations, knowing full well that Congress is paralyzed and can only really do nothing about it.”

Construction Drive reporter Kim Slowey spoke with industry leaders on how they navigate the halls of Washington as increase regulations force them to increase their lobbying efforts. One of the main tactics used by construction group lobbyists is educating lawmakers. This is a yearly process as new officials and legislators come in and out of office.

In speaking with Construction Drive, Jim Tobin NAHB executive vice president and chief lobbyist said,

"Lobbying has changed a lot, but at the end of the day, whatever tactic works to get your message across, you’ve got to be flexible enough and good enough at it to get your message heard and influence lawmakers.”

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