For remodelers who have already invested time and money into becoming RRP certified, and those who are still skeptical or unclear on the new regulation, Atrium is hoping to offer some clarification. The window manufacturer and its sister brands have titled their upcoming Training Tuesdays webinar “EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule: Myths, Realities, and Clarifications.” The free online session will be held August 17 at 1:30 ET.

“We specifically want to get into some Q&A so dealers and remodelers can ask questions about the issues they’re running into,” says Russ Nirella of the marketing department at Thermal Industries, an Atrium company. “We want to help clarify misconceptions, dispel rumors, and help people gain a better understanding of things they may not be familiar with, related to RRP.”

While the webinar will not count as RRP training, presenters Patrick Connor and Jack Anderson of the Connor Institute, will help participants consider the business aspect of the law and gain an understanding of how to effectively incorporate RRP training techniques into a business model. Discussion topics include:

  • How to become an EPA-certified renovator
  • Significant date to watch in the industry 
  • Rethinking job estimates and costs 
  • How to rollout lead-safe work practices, such as warning signs, dust containment, staff training, and best practices in cleanup
  • How to follow correct protocol by verifying cleanliness and keeping appropriate verification records
  • When and when not to test
  • How a fifty-cent investment can eliminate a half-million dollar expense

Nirella says the Connor Institute, which spearheads lead-safe training and RRP compliance, has been using an estimate that only 10% of remodelers are currently RRP certified. Among those who are certified, there are misunderstandings about specific work they have to do, or when and how to clean up. For those who are not certified yet, rumors abound that the training is optional, that they don’t have to be certified, or that they don’t have to translate the training to their crews.
“Some of these misunderstandings befall the EPA,” Nirella says. “They agency isn’t withholding information, but a lot of the information that’s coming out is unclear, it’s hard to read, and if you do spend the time to read it, it’s hard to discern what they’re actually saying.” Nirella says the lack of clarity has lead to many dealers and remodelers shrugging off the compliance education without fully understanding it. This can be a dangerous position when it comes time for RRP enforcement.

Remodelers who have questions or are simply looking for answers can participating in the webinar by registering at Atrium says response to the webinar has been strong, and is expecting participation of as many as 500 remodelers. Nirella hopes a strong turn-out will mean a similar session will be held in the winter when even more interested parties could participate.

For more information on the session “EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule: Myths, Realities, and Clarifications,” and to watch Atrium’s past Training Tuesdays webinars, visit